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How can I download my files?
Steps to Download your files : Step 1 : Please ensure that the payment process has been completed successfully. Step 2 : After successful payment by your Paypal account, you will be automatically see order receipt from Paypal . Step 3 : Log in your e-mail account, you will see order receipt also in same time Email file order ID from [email protected] , (check your spam mail box if you do not see it inbox). Open the email and download link is inside. You can download it immediately after payment. Step 4 : in any issues or technical issues you my receive email in 6 hours. but we garantie the instant delivery Step 5 : Please if you do not get any email from us please contact us directly at : [email protected] you me have insert fault/mistake information in page order page. If you have any questions, comments, problem with download and open files or concerns, feel free to email via [email protected]
What type of products do you offer on your website?
We have two type of electronic products which are Test Banks and solution manuals.
What is Test Banks ?
Testbanks aims at giving the students a general point of view about the type of questions and answers that may be included in every chapter of a certain textbook. This helps students to be familiarized with each subject included in every textbook chapter. most professors use test banks as a reference when making an exam and there is a high chance that you will find similar or exact questions on the test ... A Test Bank is a collection of prepared questions and answers for a certain textbook that could be made when making an exam. It might include multiple choice questions, true and false questions, short answers or sometimes essay questions, etc..
What is Solution Manual?
The solution Manual contains a collection of answers which can be found at the end of each textbook. The solution Manual includes extra questions with its answers beside other useful assignments with which most educators and teachers base the tasks they assign to these questions.
Why should I use Test Bank and Solution Manual ?
The solution manuals and test banks can be used to improve your knowledge and understanding. Having both those study guide for your actual Textbook will help you a lot to pass your exams successfully.
What if you don’t have the resource title on the website?
In case you have not found the study resource you are looking for on the store listing, you can check the catalog section for all available Textbook titles. also you can contact us via request page about the resource you need.
How long does it will take to get my purchased data ?
As long as you have successfully completed your order and being confirmed, We prepare your files immediately and send them as an attachment to your email address. Sometimes the procedure takes 2-6 hours due to the confirmation and uploading process.
Will my instructor/professor know that I have purchased such data and materials on your site?
OF COURSE NOT We do not share, send or deal with any third parties regarding clients data. your instructor will never know that you have purchased or download any files on Our website Gettextbookanswers store. All client credentials are kept safe and anonymous
How can I download the purchased product?
Download is sample just check attachement files via email also You can check HOW TO DOWNLOAD section at the top bar of the Gettextbookanswers.com website and follow the instructions and procedure .
Do you provide any samples to check before making a final purchase?
Yes,in each Testbank or solution manual in our website there is Samples include if not you can request for samples to check and evaluate before you make a final order. You just let us know about the Textbook title, edition and we are going to send simple for you.