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Test bank for Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life 4th edition by Jeff Bennett

Test bank for Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life 4th edition by Jeff Bennett


Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life 4th edition by Jeff Bennett Test bank Questions

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Test bank for Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life 4th edition by Jeff Bennett


Test bank for Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life 4th edition by Jeff Bennett

Table of contents

To the Student: How to Succeed in Your Statistics Course
Applications Index
1. Speaking of Statistics
1.1 What Is/Are Statistics?
1.2 Sampling
1.3 Types of Statistical Studies
1.4 Should You Believe a Statistical Study?
Focus on Psychology: Are You Driving “Drunk” on Your Cell Phone?
Focus on Public Health: Is Your Lifestyle Healthy?
2. Measurement in Statistics
2.1 Data Types and Levels of Measurement
2.2 Dealing with Errors
2.3 Uses of Percentages in Statistics
2.4 Index Numbers
Using Technology: Inflation Calculator
Focus on Politics: Who Benefited Most from Lower Tax Rates?
Focus on Economics: Can a Redefined CPI Help Solve the Budget Crisis?
3. Visual Displays of Data
3.1 Frequency Tables
Using Technology: Frequency Tables
3.2 Picturing Distributions of Data
Using Technology: Bar Graphs
Using Technology: Pie Charts
Using Technology: Line Charts and Histograms
3.3 Graphics in the Media
Using Technology: Graphs with Multiple Data Sets
3.4 A Few Cautions About Graphics
Focus on History: Can War Be Described with a Graph?
Focus on Environment: Are We Changing Earth’s Atmosphere?
4. Describing Data
4.1 What Is Average?
Using Technology: Mean, Median, and Mode
4.2 Shapes of Distributions
4.3 Measures of Variation
Using Technology: Boxplots
Using Technology: Standard Deviation
4.4 Statistical Paradoxes
Focus on the Stock Market: What’s Average About the Dow?
Focus on Economics: Are the Rich Getting Richer?
5. A Normal World
5.1 What Is Normal?
5.2 Properties of the Normal Distribution
Using Technology: Standard Scores in Excel
Using Technology: Standard Scores and Percentiles
5.3 The Central Limit Theorem
Focus on Education: What Can We Learn from SAT Trends?
Focus on Psychology: Are We Smarter than Our Parents?
6. Probability in Statistics
6.1 The Role of Probability in Statistics: Statistical Significance
6.2 Basics of Probability
6.3 The Law of Large Numbers
6.4 Ideas of Risk and Life Expectancy
6.5 Combining Probabilities (Supplementary Section)
Focus on Social Science: Do Lotteries Harm the Poor?
Focus on Law: Is DNA Fingerprinting Reliable?
7. Correlation and Causality
7.1 Seeking Correlation
Using Technology: Scatterplots and Correlation Coefficients
7.2 Interpreting Correlations
7.3 Best-Fit Lines and Prediction
7.4 The Search for Causality
Focus on Education: What Helps Children Learn to Read?
Focus on Environment: What Is Causing Global Warming?
8. From Samples to Populations
8.1 Sampling Distributions
8.2 Estimating Population Means
Using Technology: Confidence Interval Estimate of a Population Mean
8.3 Estimating Population Proportions
Using Technology: Confidence Interval Estimate of a Population
Focus on History: Where Did Statistics Begin?
Focus on Literature: How Many Words Did Shakespeare Know?
9. Hypothesis Testing
9.1 Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing
9.2 Hypothesis Tests for Population Means
Using Technology: Hypothesis Test for a Population Mean
9.3 Hypothesis Tests for Population Proportions
Using Technology: Hypothesis Test for a Population Proportion
Focus on Health and Education: Will Your Education Help You Live Longer?
Focus on Agriculture: Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?
10. t Tests, Two-Way Tables, and ANOVA
10.1 t Distribution for Inferences about a Mean
Using Technology: The t Distribution
10.2 Hypothesis Testing with Two-Way Tables
Using Technology: Hypothesis Testing with Two-Way Tables
10.3 Analysis of Variance (One-Way Anova)
Using Technology: Analysis of Variance
Focus on Criminology: Can You Tell a Fraud When You See One?
Focus on Education: What Can a Fourth-Grader Do with Statistics?
Epilogue: A Perspective on Statistics
Appendix A: z-Score Tables
Appendix B: Table of Random Numbers
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